Business Beat: Valentine’s flowers with Revelstoke Florist

Revelstoke Florist provides flower advice for Valentine's Day.

Revelstoke Florist employees Karen Waugh (left) and Sam Shore.

Revelstoke Florist employees Karen Waugh (left) and Sam Shore.

Valentine’s Day, the day of love, is commercially known as a top selling day for cards, chocolates and flowers. Historically, Saint Valentine was apparently a man imprisoned and executed for marrying soldiers in Christian ceremonies at a time where Christians were persecuted under the Roman Empire. He was later made a saint by the Catholic Church. For most people, Valentine’s Day is a time where a thoughtful gift or action reminds our loved ones and friends how much they mean to us.

Revelstoke Florist has been in town since 1952 and it was purchased by Brenda Girling in 1992. “I didn’t know a carnation from a rose,” Girling laughs, “But my daughter, Deanna Ward was a florist in Vancouver. She was expecting her first child, and I asked her if she would move back to Revelstoke if there was work.” Deanna agreed and since then the shop has been a family affair, with Ward taking over from her mother. With so many years in the business, the ladies at Revelstoke Florist have some great recommendations for Valentine flowers.

Employee Sam Shore suggests the classics. “Valentine’s Day favourites really depend on the person, but roses are a classic and symbolically associated with love. Lily’s and orchids are also very popular. They are the kind of flower you might not buy on any given day,” she says.

If you are married, Shore suggests choosing the same kind and colour of flower used in your wedding bouquet. “It’s a nice touch, familiar and unique at once and brings back memories from a wonderful day,” she explains.

For people in newer relationships, Shore recommends taking a risk. “Try something different, something that showcases their personality or favourite colours,” she says. “You could also choose a potted plant. With the right care, it will last for years to come.”

One of the interesting aspects about celebrating with flowers is the surprising amount of imagination that can go into an arrangement. “There are no limits. Whether you use complimenting colours, a mellow or loud palette, or add toys, candies, balloons and decorations, you can really capture the personality or likes of someone,” Shore explains. She adds that a bouquet is lovely, but garlands (a few days notice are needed for these) and air gardens are also possible.

“All flowers are great. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. A single flower, like a Gerber daisy, can brighten someone’s day,” Shore states.

Finally, it is important keep your budget and your partner’s preferences in mind. “Don’t spend money on a huge bouquet of flowers if a mountain walk is what your significant other would actually like,” Shore says honestly.

“If you’re buying flowers for a florist, rethink that idea and go for chocolate instead, we’re sick of flowers by the 14th,” employee Karen Waugh quips.

“If you wake up on Sunday and realize you haven’t thought of anything, don’t panic. We can do arrangements last minute. We don’t close until you’re satisfied,” Shore explains. “In fact, our hours that day will be 9 a.m. until whenever we’ve helped whoever comes through the door.”

Revelstoke Florist is located at 211 Mackenzie Avenue.


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