Alison Tedford of Abbotsford is the author of the newly relesed book Chronic Profit: Building Your Small Business While Managing Persistent Pain.

Abbotsford author releases book about managing a business while coping with chronic pain

Chronic Profit by Alison Tedford addresses topics such as self-care

An Abbotsford Indigenous author and entrepreneur has released a book about how to build a small business while managing persistent pain.

Alison Tedford’s Chronic Profit: Building Your Small Business While Managing Persistent Pain (Self-Counsel Press) shares the story of how one entrepreneur sought freedom from cubicle life along with the flexibility to be a parent and a business owner, and learned to extend herself enough grace and compassion to excel in business while still taking care of herself.

The book covers business-building strategies such as the importance of building foundations and systems; why standardizing and simplifying offerings is something we often don’t do enough; and how to shift your perspective and reframe common business problems.

Another important topic, especially for business people dealing with chronic pain, is how to refuel and do self-care.

Tedford shares that can mean a lot more than taking bubble baths — it may involve developing a coping toolbox full of proven tools such as mindfulness, gratitude practices, and more.

Tedford has been struggling with chronic pain for a number of years as a result of her diagnosis of joint hypermobility syndrome (Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.)

She is a single mom running her own business in diversity, inclusion and marketing communications.

Chronic Profit is available at

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