Laura Snyder

Physio: Summer shoes can be a pain

Get your feet in shape for wearing less supportive summer-time footwear.

Physio: Don’t be defeated by pain in your feet this summer

Some feet may respond negatively to the lack of support found in most summer shoes.

Physio: Prevent injuries with pre-season, pre-game training

Proper pre-season and pre-game training is a crucial component of sports.

The best thing for inflamed thumb, wrist is to treat early

De Quervain’s tenosynovitis is a condition where the lining around two tendons in the thumb and wrist becomes inflamed.

Physio: Is it ‘frozen shoulder’ or just stiff?

Connective tissue happens if a person has had a shoulder injury and did not move the shoulder for a long period after the injury.

Physical Therapy: Like Santa, you’re probably carrying around heavy bags this time of year

Get in shape to carry those heavier packages in winter.