Wendy Johnstone

Stay young by aging successfully

Want to know how to stop aging? Stop living. I mean it. Literally.

SANDWICH GENERATION: Take a holiday from caregiving

Taking a break is important for caregivers

Take a holiday from caregiving

Taking a break is really important for caregivers

Helping children cope with death

I think it’s safe to say, “Death isn’t easy to deal with at any age.”

SANDWICH GENERATION: Role reversal a common feeling among caregivers

“I feel like I’m the parent now and my mother is the…

It is important that caregivers get a holiday as well

It’s that time again – summer holidays – and for Carly and…

Sandwich Generation: Book breaks down Alzheimer’s disease

It takes a very difficult topic to digest and breaks it down into bite-size pieces. The story is based on the author's mother's life...

Sandwich Generation: Managing distance caregiving

Long distance clients often remark on how surprised they are to see the physical, cognitive and emotional decline of their aging loved one

Questions to ask yourself when considering future care planning

Before you run off and start looking for any important documents in those dusty filing cabinets, take a step back and take stock...

No written will, no way for loved ones to know

No advanced care planning, no way anyone can ensure your health care decisions are known and acted upon if you aren't able to communicate

Four Ps to productive adult family meetings

Family meetings with adult siblings are a useful tool when making key decisions in the care of aging parents or relatives

Patient as Partners working group ‘buzzing with excitement’

The Patient as Partners – Working Dialogue Group held its two-day conference in Vancouver last week

Examining the ins and outs of private home care

Before jumping in with two feet, it's important to ask, 'What assistance is needed and how much?'

Caregiving takes a toll over time

Caregiver expends too much energy caring + not enough time to recover physically and emotionally = caregiver burnout

‘How elders will save the world’

Book challenges readers to see the presence of elders as an essential component in completing our vision of society...

Get your priorities straight

An important step in planning goals related to needs is to develop a "laundry list" of problems

Setting goals as seniors or caregivers

It is equally important for seniors and those caring for them to set goals that support independence, functionality and enjoyment of living

Legacies are left behind

I started thinking about my own Dad and the legacy he left behind for his family. This prompted me to find his memory book...