Vanessa DeDominicis

DeDominicis: Charitable gifts made under a Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney, if used carefully, is a very important estate planning tool.

DeDominicis: Role of personal representative in probating estate

An personal representative must be ready at all times to account for a trust property.

DeDominicis: Leaving a charity the gift of life Insurance

Life insurance is a great way to give a potentially sizeable gift to a charity, without it costing you a fortune.

DeDominicis: Don’t leave estate planning to the last minute

Recently I had an elderly couple in my office, with several children and many grandchildren. They had never done any estate planning—ever.

DeDominicis: Assessing charities: Cause and outcome

When planning, how do you make sure your estate makes the best use of your dollars.

DeDominicis: Changes made to wills and estates law

The new law was intended to modernize succession law, reduce statutes and introduce a new administration for small estates.

DeDominicis: ‘Testamentary capacity’ must be confirmed for estate planning

People writing or revisiting their will must show a capacity to understand the basic elements of their will.

DeDominicis: Co-ownership agreement important when inheriting property with others

Co-owners may develop different needs/wants in relation to the jointly owned property or the relationship may deteriorate.

DeDominicis: Pitfalls of joint ownership with your adult children

Seek the advice of an estate planning specialist to discuss alternatives before you transfer those assets.

Have a Plan: Professional trustee vs friend to carry out your will

“Should I appoint a professional executor/trustee in my will, or a close family member/friend?”

DeDominicis: Joint tenants vs. tenants in common

How you hold title to your property is extremely important for your estate plan.

Dedominicis: Plan for philanthropy with your will

Money left to charities through these bequests have a major impact on the work charities are able to do

DeDominicis: What happens if you are appointed executor?

There are a wide range of obligations to fulfill…but you may renounce your executorship so that the alternate executor may act.

DeDominicis: Appoint someone to make your health care decisions

A representation agreement names someone to make health care decisions for you if you become mentally or physically unable.

DeDominicis: Thinking about your estate plan

Here are some simple questions to help you plan the state of your estate you leave behind.

DeDominicis: Business succession planning

There are a number of important estate planning considerations which arise for you if you have a business

DeDominicis: Legal importance of having a will

By not having a will, you effectively lose control over who gets your estate, how much and when.

Legal Affairs: Dangers of joint ownership with your adult children

Trying to avoid probate fees may seem like a good idea, but joint ownership can create a whole host of problems.