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Police are cracking down on distracted driving.

Drivesmart: Distracted driving month in British Columbia

Hey you! Yeah, YOU, put the phone down and pay attention to where you're driving!

Police are cracking down on distracted driving.

It’s not easy being a pedestrian in drivers’ world

In a perfect world, drivers would have no hesitation in stopping for pedestrians.

Drivesmart: Prepare to stop when yellow lights flashing

“When your light is green on the highway but above you the overhead warning lights have just begun should you be braking on a green light?”

Should bad drivers be shamed publicly?

Deliberately bad drivers seem to be appearing more and more often on…

Car jail for careless smokers

We're facing one of the more serious forest fire seasons that British…

Distracted driving: add your voice

Distracted driving: add your voice

British Columbians are very concerned about the threat posed by distracted driving…

Distracted driving: add your voice

What am I required to tell police during a traffic stop?

What do you have to tell police when you are the subject…

Look ahead when driving – waaay ahead on roadway

Imagine making a lane change and crashing into a fully marked police…

Do bike lanes confuse drivers?

I hate to admit it, but bicycle lanes confuse me. The Motor…

Do I want my vehicle to think for me?

I remember when I was a teenager (yes, that was a few…

Registration required for off-road vehicles June 1

If you intend to operate your off-road vehicle (ORV) anywhere on public…

Beware of heavy truck ‘no zones’

I first wrote about drivers whose behaviour in the "no zone" around…

Hearing aid needed, not PR person

Cobble Hill - It appears that a number of our regional directors…

Safety on winter roads

I exchanged tweets last week with a commercial truck driver who was…

BEHIND THE WHEEL: Cutting across for angle parking

An Osoyoos resident has asked about parking in the downtown area.Like it…

BEHIND THE WHEEL: ‘Box 2’ puts onus of repair on car owner


Behind the Wheel: Don’t be tempted by coloured fuel


Behind the Wheel: Kind acts can expose drivers to risk

Who would guess that such an act of kindness could actually expose the driver extending the courtesy to risk?

Behind the Wheel: Distracted driving rules tougher for novice drivers

The holder of a class 7L (learner) or Class 7 (novice) driver's licence must not use an electronic device while driving, period

Behind the Wheel: The keep-right attitude

The left lane is so popular lately that when I use the right lane I often find myself behind far fewer vehicles in the right lane...