Tess Mihell

Physio: Shoulders can suffer damage with repetitive swimming motions

There are many factors that can contribute to injury caused by swimming.

Physio: ‘Pre-hab’ to make rehab unnecessary

Do some winter ‘pre-hab’ to help prevent the need for spring rehab

Physio: Base of fitness required for safe ski season

All of your strength workouts should have this kind of pattern of warm-up: a circuit of exercises, active cool-down, and stretch.

Physio: Swimmer’s shoulder develops from overuse

It is important to get a correct diagnosis and to assess where the problem lies.

Physio: Avoiding a broken bone is a better idea

There are different classifications of fractured bones, depending on certain characteristics.

Physio: Stretching increases flexibility, reduces stiffness

Overstretching can do harm by causing strain, hypermobility, or even instability.

Physio: Never take a holiday from good posture

While the holidays a wonderful combination of good times, unfortunately for some it can also be a perfect recipe for a sore back.