Sharen Marteny

Funeral ritual is important part of the grieving process

It can be a deeply traumatic experience for a family to grieve through and to find closure over the loss of a loved one.

Marteny: What to do about over-medication

Many people have heard of over-medication situations, especially with seniors who are requiring more attention.

Marteny: Health authorities differ in services each provides

For seniors, it’s important for families to find out exactly what services and care is provided for assisted living and residential care.

Marteny: Planning for loss of independence

A series of brochures have been prepared jointly by the federal/provincial/territorial cabinet ministers responsible for the Seniors Forum.

Marteny: Plenty of information available to help seniors plan for future

A series of brochures have been prepared by the federal/provincial/territorial ministers responsible for seniors.

Marteny: Using electric scooters safely

While electric scooters are a great mobility aid for seniors, they must also take ultimate responsible for their own safety.

Marteny: Understanding how the health authorities operate

These are some of the findings in a report prepared by B.C. Ombudsperson Kim Carter about seniors care in B.C.

Marteny: Negotiating through the various health experts

Most seniors have a family doctor who diagnoses and treats most types of health conditions or diseases.