Serena Caner

Ways to dodge food battles with your kids

“I never get a good lunch because my mom’s a dietitian.”

Should everybody be following a gluten-free diet?

In my practice, I have noticed a growing number of people who report sensitivity to wheat products or gluten

There will be many more opportunities to indulge and even over-indulge in this holiday season.

Avoiding the holiday binge

The holiday season has arrived, a difficult time for people watching their weight.

There will be many more opportunities to indulge and even over-indulge in this holiday season.

Ways to stay active when the cold hits

With winter approaching, many of us are noticing a decline in our physical activity. It gets dark too early

It’s not about the meal, it’s about generosity

My most memorable Thanksgiving dinner occurred during my travels in Malawi.

Some tips and tricks when cooking for one

My favourite meal to eat when I don’t have to cook for anybody is toast with peanut butter and banana

Back to school lunches

Like most parents, I don’t enjoy packing lunches, mostly because there is a general disagreement

Suggestions for dealing with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Nothing is more embarrassing than not being able to find a bathroom in time.

Enjoying local produce

For me, food is an art form, so one of my favourite things to do when I go somewhere is to visit the local Farmers Market

Eating while on a camping trip

One of the challenges I have camping is that I suffer from discomfort when I go extended periods without eating vegetables

Gleaners looking for gardens

One of the best things about living in the Shuswap in the summer is our access to fresh fruit.

Is drinking juice bad for you?

This year, my daughter often came home from school feeling the world was quite unfair because she did not get a juice box in her lunch

Tips for taming the craving for a snack attack

Everybody loves a good snack, but sometimes our snacking habits get out of control.

Focus on healthy habits

“I have walked every day for the past three months and not lost any weight! What is the point?”

Fresh herbs add flavour without sodium or calories

Herbs are a delicious addition to any soup, salad, or entree

Eating well on a budget

One food security indicator used in B.C. is the National Nutritious Food Basket

A pulse a day keeps the doctor away

The United Nations pronounced 2016, “The Year of the Pulse.” This does not refer to pumping hearts but a type of grain legume

Take the 100-meal journey

“This is the best dinner ever!” When my children eat something they really enjoy, they are unusually quiet.

Discussing milk

Nutrition has become an increasingly difficult field to navigate as there is a surplus of information

Making an informed choice about butter, margarine

The debate of butter versus margarine becomes even more complicated: salt-free margarine, light margarine, margarine with added…