Ron Cannan

Kelowna-Lake Country Member of Parliament Ron Cannan.

Respecting Canadian citizenship

Kelowna-Lake Country MP Ron Cannan addresses Bill C-24.

Kelowna-Lake Country Member of Parliament Ron Cannan.

Cannan: Legislation strengthens Canadian citizenship

Bill C-24 denies dual citizenship to anyone engaged in armed conflict with Canada, terrorism, high treason or spying offences.

Cannan: Science funding front & centre for Ottawa

Science and research funding a top priority of the federal government.

Cannan: Working to end violence against women and girls

It was our government that established the special committee on missing and murdered aboriginal women in 2013.

Cannan: Compassionate care benefits

Compassionate care benefits are available to individuals temporarily away from work to care for a significantly sick family member.

Cannan: MP applauds new federal budget

…transfer payments remain at historic highs while jobs lost during the recession have been recovered…

Cannan: Economic highlights for the community

An Accelerate Okanagan report shows that in 2013, the Okanagan tech industry contributed over $1 billion to our local economy.

Cannan: Here’s your chance to design a Canadian coin

The winning designs will be selected by Canadians in an online vote this September.

Cannan: Supporting local organizations in the community

Local organizations support a number of initiatives that have a positive impact on the community.

Cannan: Supporting local organizations with funding

Local organizations support a number of initiatives that have a positive impact on the community.

Cannan: Government of Canada Supports Jobs for Students

Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) provides funding for [qualified organizations] to create summer jobs for full-time students…

Cannan: Canada Job Grant available in B.C.

Updates on training funds; occupation stress injury office for veterans.

Cannan: Assistance is available in Kelowna for our veterans

If veterans are having difficulty accessing services and benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs I am a phone call away.

Cannan: Funding Innovative Research

Funded projects will accelerate research into new ways to diagnose and treat all types of neurological and mental illnesses.

Cannan: Local support makes Kelowna a mecca for retirees

The quality of volunteers and the excellent leadership within our organizations is impressive.

Cannan: Remembering the sacrifice

Canada’s experience in World War I became a source of deep national pride due to important victories…

Cannan: Infrastructure funding for the District of Lake Country

The District of Lake Country has received $250,000 in Gas Tax funds to support adoption of an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan.

Cannan: MP touts federal government’s National Conservation Plan

Constituents who share a passion for green space should welcome the federal government’s recently announced National Conservation Plan.

Cannan: Advocating for family caregivers

Keep those of frail health at home is a choice that families make creating increased levels of stress for caregivers.

Cannan: Conservatives address veterans needs and prostitution bill

Members of the House of Commons are enduring long parliamentary sessions to get bills passed before summer recess.