Robert Smithson

Smithson: Take wooden nickels over bitcoins

Business columnist Robert Smithson B.C. employers are required to pay their employees in bucks, not bitcoins.

Robert Smithson

The Beatles were no overnight success

Feb. 9 is the 50th anniversary of The Fab Four famously performing on the Ed Sullivan show—the start of the British music invasion.

Robert Smithson

Smithson: Whistleblower protection won’t help image of a squealer

It’s as if (to me, anyway) the whistleblower is in the position of being presumed guilty (or wacko) until proven innocent.

Smithson: Nobody seems to like a squealer

Tale of Edward Snowden is one that might be a deterrrent to other potential whistleblowers

Smithson: Unionists should think twice about retaining a lawyer

Your union is your legal representative in your employment relationship.

Smithson: Union wins the latest battle over employee alcohol testing

Legal columnist Robert Smithson talks about the ongoing legal battle over alcohol and drug testing in the work place.

Unions win latest battle over employee alcohol testing

Supreme Court decision rules against workplace policy desired by Irving Pulp & Paper Ltd. in New Brunswick.

Smithson: SNC’s amnesty likely to drive employees underground

There are gaps in that language large enough to drive a truck through.

Smithson: A hard day’s night in the public eye

For Ford and for Wallin and for Duffy, the excrement may just now be hitting the fan.

Smithson: Garment industry needs to rethink production

Investing in workers’ safety is a whole lot better for the corporate brand than paying for their deaths.

Smithson: Do we really know what seems clear and obvious?

Boston was a live demonstration, for me, of how important the words are that we use in our work.

Smithson: Statistics tell when our best years have passed us by

The one thing sports does well—depressingly so—is reveal the moment in time when an athlete’s best years have passed on by.

Smithson: Alcohol testing in inherently dangerous workplaces

Once an employer demonstrates it's an “inherently dangerous” operation, a policy calling for mandatory testing seems acceptable.

Smithson: Probation meant as an opportunity to demonstrate skills

Courts are now taking more of an interest in probationary periods when it comes to employment law.

Smithson: Keeping authority of tribunals in check is society’s task

In the employment world, for instance, just about every aspect of the working relationship is governed by an administrative body.

Smithson: Yahoo for going back to work

This whole episode was of particular interest to me because, for the last half-year, I’ve been working from home every second week.

Smithson: Dress code update: Side boobs nixed, tattoos OK’d

In the real world, dress codes tend not to be all that exciting but they do come up for scrutiny by adjudicators now and then.

Smithson: Dear God, I’m quitting

If you’re the Pope, to whom do you address your letter of resignation?

Smithson: Decision-making on the brink

Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 is a study in organizational dynamics and decision-making.

Smithson: This column is like…incredible…literally

It is important for us all—employers included—to write in a way that gets our message across.