Robert Nichol

Looking forward to playing in the dirt this spring

Preparing a garden is now on the agenda. Unless of course the fish are biting.

April Fool’s Day a cool introduction to the Cariboo

I woke up on April 1 trying to think of an April Fool’s joke I could play on wife Carmen but nature beat me to it.

From three to seven: heavenly puppies a real handful

Dogs are not only loving companions, but they also teach you to release yourself in love as they themselves, set the example.

A new year and a turkey-free house

After the sandwiches, the soup and the turkey delight casserole, my new year’s resolution is: ‘I’m finished with turkey forever.’

Decorating the house for Christmas always entertaining

We are in the process of decorating the house for Christmas.

Let’s give man’s best friends the respect they deserve

The dog’s are growling at each other, one of them has taken the other’s chewie. It's dog politics.

It all made sense at the time; it doesn’t now

Columnist Robert NIchol discusses his hunting experiences and his last hunt.

Ambitious chili dinner turns into plenty of comedic relief

Columnist Robert Nichol explores his adventures in the kitchen when a chili dinner turns into plenty of comedic relief.

Famous last words for getting through life

One more shot of rye isn’t going to affect my driving.