Rita Corbett

Column: Picking the engine and caboose for your train

It was 1959, and our scrubby-looking family of six was stuck. A boat strike had snared us in Italy — and we loved every minute of it!

A few simple substitutions for New Year’s resolutions

It’s a tough call, avoiding the word ‘resolution’ at this time of year — or any year!

What to do when the city of Williams Lake is cold

His initials were JJP, and I knew absolutely nothing about him or Vietnam.
It was the mid-1960s, and getting close to the holidays.

Raising voice at children sometimes misunderstood

Sometimes a parent simply feels alone. And it’s easy enough when overwhelmed to scream at the children.

A question we could ask ourselves about parenting

Children aren’t always the wisest little critters.

From next time to right now: the art of not procrastinating

Today seems a good day to practice what I’m about to preach. Well, maybe tomorrow would be better. After all, why borrow trouble?

Making magic in the Land of ‘Before’

It’s a place I didn’t recognize at first. A magical place whereI think theory blossoms into life.

Something never heard in Williams Lake

The safest time to put a column about parenting in the newspaper just might be the first week of school.

No net needed for bluebirds and butterflies

Of course, Canadians are happy people, aren’t they?

Examining the short and long of shame and guilt

A couple of years ago, a popular news station reported something rather odd.

What to do with all those wisps, Canada?

During a recent trans-Canada flight, I opened to the opinion column in the Toronto Star, and was instantly captivated.

Practice, practice, practice … and what do I get?

It was early evening, and our youngest daughter was busy practicing the piano, when my husband and I set out to visit an elderly gentleman.

Instant pudding and those four-letter words

Strolling through our mall, I heard it — heard it and didn’t like it. Didn’t like it at all. That word came in sharp staccato.

What it means to be a marked man or woman

As ridiculously vain as it may sound, scars’ imperfections can be annoying, revealing hurts, and tell the secrets of graceless moments.

The most secure view is from the playpen

While researching an angle for today’s commentary, there were more quotes and anecdotes about lying than any other subject I have tackled.

When our inner music (somehow) goes missing

Some time ago I lost one page of a piece of music. I had two pages of it, but couldn’t find the third one.

Let’s just say, for a moment, that everything on earth was once harmonious.

Let’s just say, for a moment, that everything on earth was once harmonious.

Drawing pictures in the dirt to create life’s portraits

I don’t remember his name. It was the bottom of the third inning, and it was sweltering hot in Mobile, Alabama.

Happily making the time to scroll down on life, baby

Columnist Rita Corbett muses another birthday while looking back to moments of her past

Time in or time out for out little animals; and kids, too

Winter is almost over; spring presses its fragile green head up through the soil, and already we are beginning to worry about summer.