Peter Dolezal

PETER DOLEZAL: The benefits of dividend investing

Investors and their advisors usually gravitate toward one of three types of equity investments.

PETER DOLEZAL: Emeging risks of home ownership

Owning one’s own home remains a high priority for many Canadians.

PETER DOLEZAL: Feds’ good-news tax announcements have already begun

An election year is usually a good one for Canadian taxpayers.

PETER DOLEZAL: Mutual fund scorecard for 2014

So why do so many Canadians continue to invest in mutual funds?

PETER DOLEZAL: The consequences of timing the markets

An investor’s motivation for selling their holdings can sometimes be attributed to fear.

PETER DOLEZAL: Rebalancing your portfolio

Many investors ignore one of the simplest methods available to them.

PETER DOLEZAL: Low interest rates: a support lifeline for real estate

Unit sales to the end of February across all categories of Greater Victoria housing continued to decline

PETER DOLEZAL: Chasing equity markets – one step behind?

For many, the shift in investment strategy has come several years too late.

Retirement savings realities

Many retirement savings options exist for today’s employees

Affordable accommodations on the Peninsula

Much debate continues around the issue of affordable housing on the Peninsula

Greater Victoria real estate outlook in 2013

Greater Victoria’s residential real estate market performance numbers, now in for 2012, provide a few clues to trends we might see in 2013

PETER DOLEZAL: New TSFA limits, beneficiaries

The Tax-Free Savings Account program was introduced in 2009

PETER DOLEZAL: B.C. bonus program for the first-time homebuyer

While this program can be equivalent to the entire five per cent down payment on a $200,000 condo, it is not widely understood.

PETER DOLEZAL: Housing prices — a turning tide for buyers

Housing activity and prices continue to decline by most measures

PETER DOLEZAL: Revisiting the timing of real estate transactions

Real estate columnist writes about whether or not a softening market is a good time to buy or sell a home

PETER DOLEZAL: The impact of Canada’s new mortgage amortization rules

Maximum amortization of 25 years intended to cool Toronto market but will affect Greater Victoria real estate

Risks emerge as bond values decline predicted

As interest rates rise eventually, bond values are expected to drop

PETER DOLEZAL: Tips on investing in U.S. securities

Peninsula based finance expert offers pros and cons of investing in U.S. securities

PETER DOLEZAL: Secondary suites could be key to affordable living

Secondary suites are mortgage helpers to increase affordability and offer housing options for Peninsula workers

PETER DOLEZAL: Dividend-paying equities can pay off

Selecting dividend-paying equities as a key component of one’s portfolio strategy is a major tool that is available to an investor