Pamela Ana

Reality of gender based violence is complex

Columnist Pamela Ana discusses women in abusive relationships and what resources are available in the Alberni Valley.

It’s called ‘gaslighting’, and it’s abuse

Gaslighting is very, very subtle and it is not until one is deeply caught, they get an inkling that something is really ‘not right’.

Suicide must be covered carefully

Suicide. It’s a difficult topic to bring up and an even more difficult topic for the media to report.

Tendrils of gender based violence far-reaching

Gender based violence affects everyone. It destroys families, weakens the fabric of society and takes a heavy toll on communities.

Combat irritability with these helpful tips

Irritability is something all people experience. What sets it apart from other emotional states is the extent to which it pollutes.

Golf offers lesson on emotional payoffs

Golf offers lesson on emotional payoffs

The red flags go up and a hush settles over the crowd.

Golf offers lesson on emotional payoffs

Music gives the mind a boost

Everyone has a connection to music whether they listen to it much or not.

It’s time to think positively about psychology

Offering more than this with a new way to think about psychological care is positive psychology.

Aging vs. growing old gracefully; how is it different?

In one way or another, virtually everybody dreams of standing out, being admired, acclaimed—even, well, applauded.

Mental health shouldn’t take a back seat

One in five people experience mental illness in their lifetime, yet mental health isn’t taken as seriously as physical health: counsellor.

The psychology of patience

Patience is a virtue that is being crushed in the Twitter age.