Neill Neill

Stay positive and take your own counsel

In this electoral season, don't let fear guide your choice at the ballot box

Married life after rehab

Three scenarios paint a picture of difficult roads for families

Even during rough childhood, people asked for advice

A relative newcomer to the Island and to reading my columns raised the question of why my columns are named Hope and Happiness.

Building your legacy

How you care for others and make a difference in their lives is how you will be remembered by family and community

Columnist Dr. Neill Neill returns to the pages of The News

In February my brother and his wife took Eileen and me to Malaysia to stay with them for two weeks.

Appreciation and the heart

Physical complaints disappear when a person falls in love.

Rejuvenating a stale marriage

Communication is key to keeping a marriage together over the years

Stay aware of holiday alcohol abuse

This time of year is particularly dangerous to those who have a problem

Can you overcome alcoholism?

The answer is yes, but the process likely won't be easy

Get away from being a victim

Here's to Hope and Happiness with Dr. Neill Neill: this week, you don't have to be a victim

Online dating examined

When you think about it, isn’t finding a common interest — a shared faith, an activity or a type of work–the way we’ve always met our spouses?

Are you lonely, but not alone?

Hope and Happiness

Dealing with alcoholic children

Hope and Happiness

Two sides of one coin

As my sister-in-law’s ex-military husband sank into his confined world of alcoholism, she refused to shrink along with him. She was very clear she would not go through another divorce.

Alohol: the good, the bad and the ugly

Hope and Happiness

The real cost of an affair

Here’s a big question: can a committed relationship recover after infidelity, without costs?

How to get the max from your family vacation

Hope and Happiness

Why is it so hard to say no?

Hope and Happiness

Focus on what you want and make it a habit

Hope and Happiness

Turn the past into simple history

The relationship between your past and present is complex