Moshe Oz

Moshe Oz

Oz: Poor eating habits lead to pet health issues

Obesity is not just a huge problem in people in North America, but also their pets.

Moshe Oz

Oz: Oral hygiene care for pets can be quite challenging

People assume that their cat’s teeth are just fine, where in fact, cats are especially prone to a dental condition called tooth resorption.

Legal Affairs: Divorce is not a matter of fault

…in practical terms it doesn’t matter whether or not one spouse wronged the other spouse.

Oz: Halloween sweet treats can be fatal for pets

The early signs of chocolate intoxication are nausea (drooling and smacking the lips) vomiting and excessive urination.

Oz: Pets suffer in hot weather, just like us

One of the most common hazards related to the hot weather is heat stroke.

Heat stroke a danger to pets in summer

It's important to prevent heat stroke harming pets during the summer months.

Oz: In spring ticks emerge from their winter dormancy

Tick paralysis comes with the spring when ticks come out for blood.

Oz: Proper management can prevent cancer in cats

Luckily with the right management feline leukemia may be prevented.

Oz: Feline leukemia virus

Make sure that the vaccinations that were given to your cat contain the FELV component.

Oz: Keeps your pets away from Halloween hazards

Chocolate, cacao beans, sweet candiesWest Kelowna vet.

Oz: Detecting urinary tract infections

Unfortunately in some instances, by the time the medical problem is found, a great deal of damage has occurred.

Oz: Pets with ear issues are common at the vet

Many chronic ear abnormalities are actually a result of other internal organ diseases, hormonal imbalance or most commonly, allergies.

Dr. Oz: Dealing with pet ear issues

Beside ear infection and its normal typical presentation, another abnormal outcome can arise, known as Aural Hematoma.

Oz: As a veterinarian I encounter far too much animal cruelty

Abused or neglected animals are often scarred for life.

Oz: How pet owners can react to their pet having a seizure

If your pet is experiencing seizures, seek help from a veterinarian to fit the right management for both you and your pet.

Oz: Proper care of pet dog’s teeth too often overlooked

Dental hygiene is one, if not the most important, aspect of veterinary preventative medicine.

Oz: Your pet’s pregnancy labour and delivery can be complicated

While spaying your female and neutering your male pet is responsible pet ownership, some owners are interested in breeding their pet.

Oz: Wildlife encounters will happen living so close to nature

Keep your dogs on a short leash, and your cats indoors.

Oz: Wildlife encounters will happen living so close to nature

Keep your dogs on a short leash, and your cats indoors.

Oz: Allergic reactions compromise pet’s immune system

Allergies are very common in pets, but diagnosing an immune mediated disease and allergies can be very challenging.