Markus Thiel

Markus Thiel.

Veterans deserve our thanks

Capital News columnist Dr. Markus Thiel share his thoughts about how we should all treat and respect our veterans.

Markus Thiel.
Markus Thiel

Thiel: Grateful attitude key part of our wellbeing

The one aspect that determines the outcome of your recovery from injury is attitude.

Markus Thiel

Thiel: Let go of issues beyond your control

Live in gratitude with an influential perspective. Be grateful for what you have.

Dr. Markus Thiel.

Wealth not best path to finding happiness

Kelowna News: Columnist Markus Thiel reports on study that shows warm and loving relationships credited more for healthy, happy lives.

Dr. Markus Thiel.

Thiel: Don’t overlook the most important meal of the day

I believe breakfast is the meal that should take the most amount of preparation and dedication for several reasons.

Thiel: Living up to your health goals

Here’s a plan that will make every single one of your resolutions become a realization.

Thiel: Bad posture can be the cause of headaches

Suboccipital headache pain is described as a deep or dull throbbing at the base of the skull extending up the region of the eye.

Thiel: Spreading the virtues of water

Understand the connection between consuming water and your losing weight, building muscle and keeping healthy.

Thiel: Call it what you want—just get moving

Exercise is like the word should, and it infers something we know we should do but aren’t doing. That equals shame.

Thiel: Best health care prescription is positive attitude

Over time, each patient has taught me at least one thing about life and how to perceive it.

Marcus Thiel

Welcoming change and transition

Welcome the next turn, dip or drop because the only thing in life that is a true constant, is that of change.

Marcus Thiel

Thiel: Put your stress in perspective

I guarantee you, if you try this, you will be laughing at yourself by the end of the game.

Thiel: Monitor your protein to repair muscle, stay healthy

Protein, for the athlete, is the most important food item needed to allow for tissue repair and muscle building.

Thiel: Study reinforces suspected importance of vitamin D

It is estimated that over 80 per cent of individuals in this specific climate are vitamin D deficient.

Dr. Markus Thiel

Thiel: Study reiterates importance of vitamin D

Researchers find that low levels of vitamin D in childhood associated with increased carotid artery thickness almost 30 years later.

Dr. Markus Thiel

Thiel: Ways to deal with having a really bad day

Your physiology can alter your psychological state. You and you alone determine your physiology.

Thiel: Steps to avoid becoming a statistic in flu season

I feel there are some very simple and straightforward solutions to avoiding the flu or, at least minimizing its lingering effects.

Thiel: Strategies for minimizing chance of getting flu

There are some very simple and straightforward solutions to avoiding the flu or, at least minimizing its lingering effects.

Thiel: Staying on the good side of karma

I feel that if Karl Marx were alive today it would be TV that he would describe as the ‘opiate of the masses.’

Thiel: If you’re alive, you’re worried

The human condition means it's most likely that you are worried about something.