Leslie Wells

Consult A Counsellor: Seek support for daughter’s eating disorder


Grieving process can last a long time

She hasn't resumed any of her activities, she cries a lot, and she just doesn't seem to be getting over his death. We are quite worried...

Should children receive allowances?

We worry that giving him allowance would teach him to expect money for nothing; we want him to have a strong work ethic

Making Christmas changes to prevent bad feelings

I could never sit around while someone else was working and I don't understand how my family can see me being so busy and not help...

Resentment likely if couple’s division of work unfair

He says he pays for more things so he shouldn't have to do as much of the work at home. At the end of the work day, I am tired, too...

How do you protect your children from themselves?

Q: We have just found out that our daughter is cutting herself. As you can imagine, we are very upset about this.

Planning for family member work absences can help

We recently learned that my husband will be going away to work for an extended period...

Effective communication strategies in relationships

The possibility of changing communication patterns between you and your partner depends on your willingness to make changes

Your children’s bedtime doesn’t have to be a nightmare

Bedtime is a nightmare at our house. It takes hours to get the kids to settle down...

Avoid disappointment on Valentine’s Day with communication

Comox Valley columnist discusses how to avoid disappointment on the annual day of love

Help for the one not depressed?

There are a few things that you can do right now that might help you while you are waiting for your wife's energy and mood to improve.

Counselling is expensive, but there are many options available

The questions about how to engage in therapy when money is in short supply are likely questions fielded by all counsellors and all counselling offices. There are a number of answers to this question and I will briefly outline the standard options for this community and more fully explain a recently available option.

Manage the emotion first, then deal with the issue

Learn a little about managing angry moments, and it may help you and your family find peace.

Alternating between homes can be difficult for children

Transitions between homes are difficult. Differences between parental homes are significant even when parents are perfectly aligned and co-operative. Parents can ease kids through smoother transitions with planning. Plan to welcome kids into a calm environment.