Kirsten Harma

Beneath the Surface: Assessing plant life in the lake

Long-time residents of the Lake Windermere region often comment there are more plants in the lake now than there used to be.

Beneath the Surface: Be careful what you wish for

Weed management might also push a lake over its threshold point.

Beneath the Surface: Learning about waterways from the “Yellow Fish”

In most municipalities, including Invermere, stormdrains flow directly into the local waterbody without being treated.

Beneath the Surface: Spring and the aquatic food web

The shift on the lake’s surface from ice to water happened so quickly that I had to blink to make sure I wasn’t imagining it.

Beneath the Surface: New report out on the health of Windermere Creek

The findings are out from a new four-year study which took an in-depth look at the health of Windermere Creek.

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