Kim Burden

Entrepreneurs are innovative and hard-working

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending the community awards — The Glassies.

Lower the average age and raise the average wage

Parksville and District Chamber of Commerce is working to bring better paying jobs and younger families to the area.

City needs to steer clear of this business model

This will likely make some Parksville residents happy, the ones that look at development as a bad thing.

City needs to steer clear of this business model

There is a business model that seems to be gaining traction that could be called the overinflated model.

We assess risk constantly

Risk assessment and management are two of the keys to successful business management

Value of chamber membership

Membership in the chamber of commerce is a stamp of credibility

The value of social media

Social media sites can prove to be a valuable platform for your business

Business much like team sports

When the game is over, it really is over - in business, as in sports

Have lunch and learn

Chamber of commerce wants to help you turn a great idea into a business

Why we do it? For all of us

Think about becoming more influential and profitable in 2012

Business owners should prepare succession plan

Will your business continue to run if you are not performing the work?

Look for ideas that build upon our community

As we ponder the future of our community we need to be bold

City still has a way to to to become green

Voice of business for Parksville's chamber of commerce

Becoming a sustainable business

Voice of Business

Ferries an issue

Voice of Business