Jonathan McCormick Denny Fahrentholz

Protect your kids and self on net

Are there ways to protect yourself from criminals attempting to access your personal information?

Should all high-risk offenders wear monitors?

An ankle bracelet may be your required fashion choice in 2012 if you are either a repeat substance abuser or high-risk sex offender.

Stay safe over the holidays

“Don’t drink and drive.”

We’re inundated with that message on the tube, radio, cyberspace and in our last column.

Don’t fear roadside checks

Does the fear of experiencing a road-side vehicle check hamstring your social life?

Look after your pets this winter

You’ve brought in the hoses, packed away the rakes, wheel barrels and watering cans and have the snow shovel leaning by the back door.

Don’t feed the bears

Do you grow apples, pears and plums? How about cherries, apricots or peaches? Do not feed the bears.

Tasers may prevent injuries

Is fear of lawsuits and management’s scrutinization the motivation behind the decline of some police agencies use of Tasers? Management’s micro-analysis appears to have begun with the Braidwood commission’s conclusion in June 2010 that, “The use of the conducted energy weapon (Taser) on Robert Dziekanski (2007 death at Vancouver Airport) was not justified.”

Drive safe, watch out for kids

The sun is out, temperatures are hovering in the plus-double digits, the roads are dry and fast, and kids are back in school for the push to the June finish line.

Speak out for change

“Children will listen. Children will look to you for which way to turn, to learn what to be,” (Barbra Streisand).