Joel Young

Young: Conference taps into ingenuity

Entrepreneurial conference encouraged new thinking, new ideas and advancement in innovation and creativity throughout our region.

Young: Do what you love, love what you do

This week I share with you the story of two people who came together to build a business in the Okanagan.

Young: Entrepreneurial thinking helps inspire creative results

It seems that no matter what kind of organization, employees can become entrepreneurial-style owners.

Young: Communicating with the angel investors and entrepreneurs

Angels investors are a 'new frontier' for entrepreneurs.

Young: Spirit of entrepreneur serves both in business and in life

Is the entrepreneurial spirit innate or can you cultivate it?

Young: Future job creators of tomorrow offer exciting potential

Youth entrepreneurship has been clearly recognized as a significant socio-economic tool that can readily help sustain growing economies.

Young: New series to be a glimpse into entrepreneurial storytelling

The Okanagan Entrepreneurship Conference is being organized for Nov. 22 and 23 in Kelowna at the Ramada Hotel.

Young: Reminder on how to make a difference in the world

Sometimes a small display of caring can plant a seed that will impact that person’s life forever.

Young: Getting started with your own entrepreneurial dream

It’s no surprise that unemployed workers, professionals and graduates choose entrepreneurship over months of job search misery.

Young: Service entrepreneur builds valley loyalties

Earlier this year, my daughter insisted I visit a quaint consignment shop in Kelowna, with the catchy name—Furniture Heaven.

Young: Shopping experience can be a joy

About four months ago, my youngest daughter, Marissa, insisted I should visit a quaint consignment shop in Kelowna.

Young: Create a climate for local job creators to thrive

Entrepreneurship harmonizes with the philosophy that our problems are best solved by solutions generated from within.

Young: Creating a world that works with the power of collaboration

People at truly collaborative organizations are empowered and engaged. They co-labor successfully, reach agreement, resolve differences.

Young: Inspired to follow road to better health

Health and fitness is riding a wave of serious popularity as more people look at how they could lead healthier lives.

Young: Entrepreneur’s work-life balance

I am offering you a preview this week of the July 18 Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society monthly Town Hall Series.

Young: Changing face of entrepreneur

Unlike most managers in large, stable organizations, entrepreneurs often must exercise many roles in their entrepreneurial venture.

Young: Global traveller finds entrepreneurial vision in the Okanagan

“Vision without action is a day dream but action without vision is a nightmare.”

Young: Global traveller finds entrepreneurial vision in the Okanagan

Carmen Sparg covered a lot of territory in beginning her business career in South Africa, then Europe, before landing in Kelowna in 2003.

Young: Seniors surge to forefront of our entrepreneurial world

Seniors have surged to the forefront of the entrepreneurial world of late.

Young: Where to seek out financing for an entrepreneurial dream

A well thought out business plan and persistence are the two best assets for securing investment in a new business idea.