Joel Young

Young: The importance of planning

But there are some key points that you need to consider and act upon to start yourself on the road to success.

Young: Entrepreneurs are the agents of change in our community

Columnist Joel Young looks at the issue of entrepreneurs in the Central Okanagan.

Young: Think, act, believe in your entrepreneurial success

When your thinking is unlimited, so is your potential.

Young: Embracing the perils of chasing your business dream

Peril means exposure to risk or harm, and launching your first entrepreneurial venture can be both risky and challenging.

Young: Create an Okanagan path for ‘technopreneurship’ to flourish

Governments distribute funds through a variety of channels, small business development centres being one that comes to mind.

Young: Ways to make you, and your venture, more investor friendly

Columnist Joel Young offers tips on how entrepreneurs can appeal to investors.

Young: Ways to make you, and your venture, more investor friendly

Set of “fundamentals” for entrepreneurial startups that really hasn’t changed over many years.

Young: Student entrepreneurs sow seeds for future

Student entrepreneurs in the Central Okanagan are embracing programs that teach them how to start their own businesses.

Young: Offering a direction for Okanagan economic prosperity

The image of entrepreneurs as positive role models has never been as strong in Canada as in the U.S.

Young: A region can flourish under technological innovation

I have been privileged to hold in my hands the fantasies of the many talented dreamers…with visions of change to our world.

Young: New era for women entrepreneurs

It seems I continue to discover new tidbits of revelation in the years since I started this column.

Young: Centre of excellence a boost for new businesses

There have been dramatic changes in the way the entrepreneurial spirit has been promoted over the past several years in North America.

Young: Entrepreneurs driving change in an evolving economy

Fast-growth, high-risk ventures create more than two-thirds of new jobs.

Young: Understanding the entrepreneur psyche

Joseph A. Schumpeter is one of the most astute business thinkers who ever lived, often called the Father of Entrepreneurship.

Young: Entrepreneur creativity opens many avenues

Story of a young entrepreneur achieving her dream.

Young: Discovering the leader within yourself

Entrepreneurial columnist Joel Young on unleashing your inner leadership qualities.

Young: Ask yourself the hard questions about your dream

We cross paths with people everyday who fantasizej about embarking on an entrepreneurial journey.

Young: Much still to do to create entrepreneurial hub in the valley

People approach me to discuss their desire to find financing for their entrepreneurial project.

Young: Finding inventors in our midst

Entrepreneurial creation relates in large measure to the elements of innovation and creativity.

Young: Overcoming adversity enhances personal, business growth

There are new studies that highlight how entrepreneurs can flourish in tough economic times.