Joel Young

Young: Building an entrepreneurial culture

The educational systems in Canada have not, in the past, been geared towards the development of entrepreneurship and the self-employment.

Young: Demands of business leadership require fresh ideas

I have spent time reading and enjoying several books written by John C. Maxwell.

Young: Chase your business dream in a calculated fashion

Make no mistake—entrepreneurship is liberating and empowering.

Young: Shedding the mystique behind the ‘E’ word

Entrepreneur help spur society to continually find better ways to utilize existing resources…

Young: Entrepreneurialism is changing before our eyes

This dramatic change will undoubtedly become a boon to our socio-economic existence.

Young: Fitness spawns new entreprenurial venture for women

30 Minute Hit is a truly empowering and inspiring kick boxing-boxing circuit program for women.

Young: First Nations entrepreneurship helps build communities

I applaud all First Nations leaders in the Okanagan and throughout Canada that embrace entrepreneurship education and new venture creation.

Young: Leadership requires ability to seize opportunities

Successful entrepreneurs create a compelling vision of where their venture ought to lead.

Young: Adapting to change a way of life for entrepreneurs

Being willing, even eager, to embrace and adapt to change is a serious competitive edge for all entrepreneurs.

Young: Commitment makes dreams come true

But it only took the first few moments…to realize that I was in for a steep learning curve.

Young: Does age play a factor in following entrepreneurial path?

Seniors have become big business folks, as a whole new market of products and services has surfaced targeted to the specific needs.

Young: Charismatic entrepreneurial leadership works

Charismatic leaders assemble a team that leads your venture to the success goal line or stalls you at mid-field.

Young: Create a staff entrepreneurial attitude

People with entrepreneurial minds are driven more by results than routine.

Young: Dare to dream of being a successful entrepreneur

What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur? How does an entrepreneur think?

Young: Small business vs. entrepreneurship: Is there a difference?

Entrepreneurs and small business do not belong in the same “job jar.”

Young: Need for economic development change

We need to focus on independent retailers, such as home décor and comfort food restaurants to name a few.

Young: Dare to dream as a successful entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial characteristics that are quite worth rating yourself on.

Young: Adjusting to the changing entrepreneurial world

As that world evolves…successful entrepreneurs will be far more reliant on technology…

Young: Facing adversity part of the entrepreneurial ride

Adversity is undoubtedly another means to discover an entrepreneur’s capabilities to seek solutions…

Young: Creating an entrepreneurial culture starts with education

The educational systems have not, in the past, been geared towards the development of entrepreneurship…

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