Joel Young

Young: Describing the rise of the accidental entrepreneur

A change in personal circumstances often prompts an examination and entry into the self-employment realm of entrepreneurship.

Young: Power of collaboration creates business world that works

Our business world is moving away from autocratic leadership to more decentralized models…

Young: Dare to dream success

The simple truth is that the majority of us are not born leaders, but become entrepreneurial leaders through “who we are” and our actions.

Young: Entrepreneurial champion or hero? You be the judge

A true champion is one who would rather fall down while striving, than to sit down because they are tired. Same for an entrepreneur.

Young: Business plan key planning step

A thorough business plan may provide the necessary direction for would-be entrepreneur.

Young: New ventures require a stringent reality test

A potential venture should always begin with a search for the right venture idea for you.

Young: New venture ideas require a stringent reality test

Many factors, such as the inherent risks associated with a business venture, make many of us hesitant to take on such a challenge.

Young: Finding the entrepreneur within

An entrepreneur can enjoy remarkable benefits by stepping aside to let the venture operate as a profit centre.

Young: A journey that requires honest self-analysis

Some harsh realities about…becoming entrepreneurial…are about criticism.

Young: Common ground chasing entrepreneurial dream

Reflection about how aligned with the entrepreneurial spirit were the lives of these three men.

Young: Rising wave of entrepreneurial partnerships

Partnerships often chart unknown territory. Different forms of organizations…may meet in a common space.

Young: The coming wave of entrepreneurial partnerships

There is a new paradigm for progressive change upon us in the Okanagan.

Young: Don’t fret over adapting to change: Just deal with it

As knowledge and experience grows, you will be pleasantly amazed that your changes will arrive more swiftly, effectively and confidently.

Young: Mystery of entrepreneurial opportunity solved

A common question from would-be inventors and budding entrepreneurs is how and where does one find real problems to solve.

Young: Is Okanagan Valley the next hub for entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship does require a well thought out system of support.

Young: Attitude, behaviour key to entrepreneurial mindset

An entrepreneur’s personal development touches victory more often than people may think.

Young: Okanagan immigrants bring entrepreneurial creativity

Ram Sapkota, greeted us at the door…Asian pictures everywhere gave us a feeling of far away.

Young: Musical path to enlighten the entrepreneurial journey

Let the therapy of listening to these motivating songs gives you a push to get you moving closer to your entrepreneurial dream.

Young: Entrepreneurship—Are you ready?

Speaking with those who express a desire to pursue the entrepreneurial journey I feel compelled to ask: Are you ready?

Young: Building credibility key to entrepreneurial success

Three operatives of the entrepreneur—innovator, organize/manager and risk taker.

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