Joel Young

Joel Young

Young: Don’t get sucked in by doom and gloom prognosticators

One of the periods of greatest business diversification and growth happened during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Joel Young
Joel Young

Young: Preparing your mind for the entrepreneurial world

Those who don’t succeed are simply not ready to make the entrepreneur lifestyle change.

Joel Young
Joel Young

Young: Life and business run together for entrepreneurs

Deep down inside each of us has an entrepreneurial spirit.

Joel Young

Young: Finding entrepreneurial inventors in our midst

Opportunities abound—you just have to look for them.

Young: Planning for your dream entrepreneurial venture

Banks, investors, customers and even your family will love you to pieces if you can present a business plan…

Young: Options for financing your entrepreneurial dream

Put together a great business plan…talk to a financial adviser or entrepreneur coach and then just start asking.

Young: The rising tide of opportunity for self-employment

With the job market tight and with many specialized positions at a premium, self-employment becomes more of an attractive option.

Young: Integrity remains a critical asset for entrepreneurs

When integrity is observed and felt throughout a new or altered venture, it sets the tone for the culture of business…

Young: The power of collaboration

Collaborative leadership is the move away from autocratic leadership to more decentralized new paradigm models.

Young: Entrepreneurial enthusiasm drives brand success

How does one open a new era of an entrepreneurial venture while still operating under an existing personal brand?

Young: Plan for your entrepreneurial creation

Identify if you are passionate about your new venture idea.

Young: Diversity leads to entrepreneurial creation

The entrepreneurial bug bit after creating cleaning and personal care products, which led Back To Earth Enviroproducts.

Young: Fitness spawns entrepreneurial venture for women

30 Minute Hit is an empowering kickboxing/boxing circuit in Kelowna which strives to get women of all ages in amazing shape…

Young: Classroom path to entrepreneurship

More than 2,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. now offer classes in entrepreneurship.

Young: Aspiring to achieve the entrepreneurial dream

One of the critical characteristics…in entrepreneurs…is the characteristic of dreaming.

Young: The parallels of our business and personal lives

…each [entrepreneur] demonstrated the innovation and creativity in their personal missions to ‘make a difference’ in their world.

Young: New book offers insights into small business survival

…it’s a book that finally unlocks the realities of founding and operating a small business in Canada.

Young: Money, passion, purpose always win

If you have purpose without passion, you may well be wasting precious time and money.

Young: No guarantees on the journey for entrepreneurs

Every year, thousands of people from all walks of life­…bid to become an entrepreneur. Many succeed, many fail.

Young: The traits to finding entrepreneurial success

…the majority of us are not born leaders, but become entrepreneurial leaders by who we are and the actions we take.

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