Jim Taylor

Taylor: I am the splash in the great pond

I must not think of myself as standing on the shore making ripples in a lake…I am the splash.

Taylor: The greatest story ever told

In this story…we are not the goal of creation; we are a part of its continuing story.

Taylor: Thunder and lightning and ruthless gods

God came in silence to Elijah, not thunder and lightning.

Taylor: A handful of theologies

Differentiate between 'theisms' to find your comfort zone

Taylor: The silent ministry of knitting

When I open up my heart to let others into it, something sometimes happens. Something good.

Taylor: Hard choice to forgive abusers

Four years after Amanda Lindhout was freed, she could write, “I choose to forgive the people who took my freedom from me and abused me…”

Taylor: From grammar to God—by personal pronouns

I suggest that “I-we” is also the goal of prayer. Not to beg favours from a distant deity. Rather that God’s will, God’s goals, become ours.

Taylor: Singing synchronizes body, breath

Ancient monks felt uplifted while singing sonorous psalms.

Taylor: Internalized ethics of selfies

I had thought of selfies as an aberration until I read The Road to Character, by David Brooks.

Taylor: The most successful subversion

Most empires imposed authority from the top down. The Christian church infiltrated from the bottom up.

Taylor: What’s your ‘complexity quotient?’

How we handle complex matters may show true intelligence.

Taylor: Not good for lakes, or for us

The lake water lies so still that it’s hard to tell the reality from the reflection.

Taylor: The mind is a many-layered thing

Think about how your other self thinks—something only we humans seem capable of doing.

Taylor: Irreverence won’t hurt God

Being able to entertain doubts…means that one’s faith is strong enough to withstand uncertainty and inconsistency.

Taylor: There’s a purpose to kids’ play

Learning negotiation skills and how to compromise is all in a day’s play.

Taylor: There’s a purpose to kids’ play

Learning negotiation skills and how to compromise is all in a day’s play.

Taylor: Epitaph for a song writer

The world’s Joy Quotient declined a little on Sunday March 6, when Ian Macdonald died.

Taylor: Three little hens go north. Way north.

Little hens that don’t mind the cold go north to lay eggs for Inuvik.

Taylor: Either/or thinking, or both/and thinking

Did the Big Bang make a bang?…At the instant of creation, there was nothing to ripple. Not even space for the ripples to expand into.

Taylor: Breathe in, Breathe out

Breathing an unconscious act that sustains us all.

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