Jay Stone

Physio: Hip, pelvis injuries common to hockey players

The most common types of lower body hockey injuries suffered are to the groin and hip flexor muscles.

Physio: Keep your golf swing muscles in check

By implementing some of my tips you will stay injury free and have a great golf season.

Physical Therapy: Prevent golf injuries by preparing your body

The golf swing is very demanding on our body’s muscles, ligaments and joints.

Physio: Dealing with aggravated pain caused by golf swing

After treating hundreds of golfers over the last 19 years, I know I’m not alone with golf-related neck pain.

Physical Therapy: Dealing with sports hernias

One injury that hockey players, in particular, should be familiar with is the sports hernia.

Physical Therapy: Gearing up for another golf season

The 2012 golf season is now starting at many courses in the Okanagan. Soon every avid golfer will be in full swing.