James Murray

Getting in gear for fishing derby

This morning I received an email from Owen Bird, CEO of the Family Fishing Society of BC

Reflecting on a bygone era

Fishing and all the piscatorial paraphernalia that goes along with it have always held a certain fascination to me

Camping fuel cannister conundrum

It has been a long time since I have gone camping – sleeping-in-a-tent-on-the-cold-hard-ground type of camping

Tough time for sockeye salmon

It is hard to believe more than half a century has passed since Bob Dylan penned the lyrics to The Times They Are A Changing

Learning the finer points of whittling

When most people think of whittling, they usually think of an old man sitting on his front porch

Practical approach to resolutions

So it’s January, the start of a whole new year. Of course, I still haven’t finished shovelling some of the snow that fell

Anglers guide to guides for Anglers

I especially like reading a good book about fishing.

More campsites good for province

Premier Christy gave the residents of B.C. an early Christmas present when she announced $23 million in funding

Christmas gifts that anglers will love

Now that we are into December, it is perhaps time to start thinking about what to get the angler(s) on your Christmas shopping list

Uncoiling differences in metal detectors

There was a time when metal detecting was, well, sort of nerdy.

Internet hype draws eyes to the moon

It was one of those things that had been hyped so much through social media that in the end it became a phenomena unto itself

Seasonal switch for a fisherman

I do know the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting an early winter.

Tips for the beginning kayaker

Some friends of mine recently told me that they have decided to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary next summer

Take time to know what you eat

Fresh fish caught in a mountain lake or stream, meat from game hunted in the wilds and plants harvested by hand…

Triploids double the fun to reel in

Lurking within the depths of a fair number of B.C.’s Interior lakes are a unique strain of trout that are strong

Notes from a backyard astronomer

For an hour or so each evening for the past week, just before I go to bed, I have been reading a book titled The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide

Don’t overlook shrimp fly patterns

Of all the many patterns in my many fly boxes, I would have to say the Chan’s Caddis Pupae pattern is probably the one I use the most

Virtual reality pales to the real thing

Time spent in any pursuit that proves to be relatively unproductive is often viewed, at least by some, as time squandered

Columnist takes on novel endeavour

As a kid I spent many a winter’s evening reading fishing stories in copies of my father’s Outdoor Life and Field and Stream magazines

Preventing bear habituation critical

It is amazing what one observes while sitting at the kitchen table mindlessly looking out at the world