James Kaufman

Kaufman: Anxiety can lead to other troubling health concerns

Anxiety a combination of stress, personality, gender life events

Kaufman: Keeping control on Crohn’s disease flare-ups

Symptoms of Crohn’s disease can range from mild to severe and may develop gradually or come on suddenly, without warning.

Kaufman: What is acupuncture sports medicine?

Integrating traditional Chinese acupuncture with modern sports medicine achieves more effective results when treating pain and injuries.

Kaufman: Reducing the discomfort created by frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder can occur after an injury, a surgery…or it may occur in people with other health conditions.

Kaufman: Ankle pain related to lack of flexibility or strength

Most ankle pain results from a sprain, which occurs when the ankle rolls over the foot, causing a ligament to stretch or tear.

Kaufman: Acupuncture for treating sports injuries

Early treatment helps to prevent the possibility of long-term or chronic problems with sports injuries.

Kaufman: Constricted blood vessels can result in numbness

Thoracic outlet syndrome may develop from a variety of causes.

Kaufman: Put a needle to osteoporosis

Acupuncture is a useful option to help manage osteoarthritis and help prevent further progression of this condition.

Kaufman: Repetitive use stress inflames tennis elbow

There are many other common causes of tennis elbow, including using plumbing tools, playing other racket sports, painting and weaving.

Kaufman: Treating golfer’s elbow with traditonal Chinese medicine

Unlike tennis elbow, golfer's elbow occurs on the inside, rather than the outside, of the elbow.

Rotator cuff must handle body’s greatest range of motion

Rotator cuff's most common problems are tendinitis, bursitis, and muscle or tendon strain or tear.

Kaufman: Aiding post-operative recovery process

With surgery comes certain post-operative side effects and risks such as post-surgery pain and the side effects of pain medications.

Kaufman: Eradicating symptoms of upper back pain

Combined with exercises and postural advice, acupuncture is a very valuable tool in treating upper back pain.

Kaufman: Teeth grinding can reflect lifestyle or serious condition

Excess bruxism are typically seen in people with stress, anxiety, tension, anger and frustration, and hyperactivity or competitiveness

Kaufman: Treating rotator cuff injuries

A rotator cuff injury is fairly common and can involve any type of irritation or damage to the muscles or tendons.

Kaufman: Acupuncture offers alternatives to treat shingles

In traditional Chinese medicine, shingles are caused by a condition called liver fire and damp-heat.

Kaufman: Settling Achilles tendinitis inflammation

Stretching and exercises are important for recovery and for preventing recurring problems.

Kaufman: Removing the stress disorder around jawbone joints

Because the muscles that move the jaw joints are small and have to work hard, it’s relatively easy to overwork them.

Kaufman: Offering a pain relief option for IBS sufferers

The symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome can vary widely and often resemble those of other diseases.

Kaufman: Nausea a sign that qi-energy flowing in wrong direction

There has been a great deal of research into the benefits of acupuncture for nausea.