Irene Perepolkin

IN THE SPOTLIGHT Nov. 28: RDKB Area D takes first step with community plan

The first step in the RDKB planning and development department Area D official community plan review kicked off on Nov. 2.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: RDKB Area D director says don’t own too much

Why are we not satisfied with what we have? Do we really need that collection of trinkets, old cars or equipment that litter the yard?

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: A no go for the Providence Lake Dam

The Marshall Lake/Providence Dam has been receiving much attention in the press lately.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Trash for Treasure will reduce waste

Mark your calendars. Saturday, April 21 is Trash to Treasure Day.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Of contamination reduction

Perepolkin discusses contamination reduction, recreation commission and advisory planning committee