Gwynne Dyer

South Sudan is not Africa

This is not an article on South Sudan, which is just as well because the conflicts there are almost fractal in their complexity

North Korea not plotting its own demise

Here we go again. North Korea launched a ballistic missile of intercontinental range on Sunday (saying it was just putting up a satellite)

Trump vs Sanders – vs Bloomberg?

The outcome of the US presidential primaries was supposed to be Hillary Clinton

Seventy years pass by without a nuclear war

70th anniversary of the first use of a nuclear weapon on Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945.

DYER STRAITS: The Danish Santa

Countries laying claim to North Pole, but is there anything there really worth fighting for?

DYER STRAITS: Artificial Intelligence threat

It may be hard to write an algorithmic moral code strong enough to constrain and contain super-smart software.

DYER STRAITS: “Global” terrorism index

The Global Terrorism Index has some useful observations to offer.

DYER STRAITS: Breakthrough on Climate Change

It’s the U.S. that cannot be trusted to keep its commitments, because the American political system is mired in a perpetual civil war

DYER STRAITS: 25 Years Later: The Berlin Wall

It was the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November, 1989, that really opened the flood-gates.

DYER STRAITS: Three elections

Last Sunday was a busy day: three elections, in three different continents, all of them offering at least the hope of better times.

DYER STRAITS: Oil: blind-sided by technology

The only major oil exporters that are not in deep trouble are the Arab countries.

Legacy of First World War

“It was not worth even one life,” said Harry Patch shortly before he died in 2009 at the age of 111

Perpetuating Gaza war

Mahmoud Abbas said something cryptic last Friday, shortly after the Israelis began their latest round of attacks

Dyer Straits: Ukraine end game all about will

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko shouldn't make promises he can't keep.

DYER STRAITS: Iraq: Time for a tranquilizer and clarity

Media will go on fizzing with apocalyptic speculations for a week or so, but the war of movement is over.

COLUMN: Thailand: It’s quiet out there

It’s just over a month since the Thai army overthrew Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

DYER STRAITS: Thailand – waiting for the coup

Thailand’s Constitutional Court has come through for the opposition once again.

DYER STRAITS: Israel: The ‘A’ word is coming out again

Hillary Clinton would never have used the word when she was U.S. Secretary of State, because she still has presidential ambitions

DYER STRAITS: Splitting Libya a matter of time and oil

Formal division of the country into two successor states is now a real possibility, but it’s unlikely to happen without further fighting.

COLUMN: Greenland’s race for modernity

Greenland has the highest suicide rate in the world: one in five Greenlanders tries to commit suicide at some point in their lives.