Guy Bellerby

Questions about dating and marriage

I’ve been a clergyman for many years and I’ve almost always managed to talk the bride and groom OUT of reading 1Corinthians 13...

Everything that has been lost can be found

Never give up on those important things you've lost

Writings of Ryle still speak volumes

Reflections on Bishop J.C. Ryle, pastor and preacher

All that makes us afraid, God’s Son takes unto himself

WE pray regularly for you all at Christ's Church and wish you the best

Central truths of Jesus

Pastor's Point: Parts of the Bible don't make logical sense, which could be the point

No easy answer for world’s evil

By the time you read this column, a full week will have passed since the massacre of over 75 people in Norway at the hand of a single, profoundly-disturbed man.