Doreen Smith

D. Smith: Find happiness in retirement

Happiness is contagious. When we are around babies and young children, we automatically want to smile.

D. Smith: How to view retirement

We should start preparing for retirement five years before it happens

D. Smith: Tax filing ideas for parents

Remember to use the credits and deductions available to you for children and dependents.

D. Smith: Tax deductions for year-end tax filing

When you miss available tax deductions or credits, you are paying too much tax.

D. Smith: Creating your own work environment

Will the change to being your own boss will make you happy?

D. Smith: Save on taxes by starting a Tax Free Savings Account

Don’t make the bank any richer by parking your hard earned money in a one per cent account.

D. Smith: Don’t put off assembling an estate plan

As soon as you start to accumulate assets or when you start to have children, you should have an estate plan.

D. Smith: Carrying debt into retirement

Unless it's in a boat with a loan attached to it, most Canadians are not sailing into the sunset in retirement.

Smith: Financial planning week is Nov. 17 to 23

Fundamental importance of proper fiscal planning in our lives will be stressed.

D. Smith: Costly home and Internet scams can be avoided

The dark and criminal side to modern technology is the wide range of scams.

D Smith: Accomplish your financial goals

Focus on achieving your short- and long-term objectives within the risk tolerance you are comfortable with now and in your future.

D. Smith: There are ways of minimizing the taxes we pay on death

If you don’t get around to summarizing your assets for estate planning purposes, someone will take over after you are gone.

D. Smith: Planning tips for buying a house

Make a list of important features and rank them to take some of the emotion out of searching for the right home.

D. Smith: Taking advantage of the pension income tax credit

You need eligible pension income in order to pull out up to $2,000 tax free.

D. Smith: Crack a smile and the whole world smiles with you

Quotes from famous people to keep our day light and filled with fun.

D. Smith: Make the best use of a tax refund

First, always pay down bad debt with high interest rates being charged to you.

Smith:March is fraud prevention month

Protection of private information is crucial to stopping identity theft.

D. Smith: Don’t be caught off-guard by the April 30 tax deadline

If you are expecting a return on your taxes, consider filing as early as possible.

D. Smith: Avoid probate the easy way

GICs, mutual funds and stocks held in banks or credit unions will go through probate upon death if not otherwise managed.

D Smith: Dealing with divorce and separation

The laws relating to relationship breakdown can be complex.