Dr. David Smith

Teens and back-to-school stress

As the new school year begins, children and teens will feel more stress and pressure

Working to reduce stigma

When a child or teenager is diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer or organ failure, friends and neighbors often drop off casseroles

Facing mental illness

75 per of all mental health conditions show up in the teen and early adult years

More than anxiety or depression: taking a look at eating disorders

The ages between 12 to 24 are challenging for almost all youth.

Dr. David Smith

Drugs, alcohol and mental health issues: which came first?

When mental health issues arise among teenagers, parents often wonder: Did alcohol or drugs cause this?

Dr. David Smith

From normal blues to depression – recognizing the symptoms

We all feel sad from time to time. It is a normal and appropriate response to disappointment and loss.

Fear not: Help for children with anxiety

Everyone has times of feeling anxious, scared or fearful.

Dr. David Smith

How to get the help you need

Some BC children and youth are unable to cope well with the daily stresses of their lives

Dr. David Smith