Doug Holmes

COLUMN: Providing a local response to global challenges

The challenge locally is how do we keep our community from being negatively impacted by these global conditions.

COLUMN: Why solar energy makes sense for Summerland

Summerland is one of five municipalities in B.C. to own and operate its own electrical utility.

COLUMN: A closer look at infilling

They ain’t making any more land, as Mark Twain once said.

COLUMN: Cultural development drives growth

Cultural development is a new area of focus for many municipalities due to a shift in the assumptions of what drives local economies.

COLUMN: Carrots, sticks and empty buildings

The mayor and I recently participated with Chamber of Commerce staff in a webinar on filling empty downtown buildings.

COLUMN: Allowing horses access to Okanagan Lake

On rare occasions, disagreements between residents escalate and council must step in to adjudicate.