Dee Conklin

Regional Rundown: Elections need engaged citizens as well as candidates

There is nothing like public service to keep you humble.

Regional Rundown: Resort Municipality Initiative benefiting Radium

Many people in the valley have heard that Radium Hot Springs is a Resort Municipality, but may not understand what that actually means.

Regional Rundown: Renewed sign to promote renewed peace

Every small town has something they like to say is special and sets them apart from others.

Regional Rundown: Taking pride in Valley Pride Commnity Cleanup

Thanks to all members for their yearly dedication to keeping our valley clean and pristine.

Regional Rundown: Communicating beyond the grapevine

“If you hear it at the rink or coffee shop it must be true!”

Regional Rundown: Radium dedicated to ‘Smart Growth’

The role of Mayor and Council is much more than just dealing with bylaws, water, sewer and roads.