Dawn Wilkinson

Volunteer Centre: Courses at Kelowna Community Resources

A variety of volunteer managers will be sharing with you the impact of getting involved with their agencies in the coming weeks.

Volunteer on a board, or contribute another way

Kelowna Community Resources keeps track of so many ways you can volunteer in your community.

Volunteer Centre: Join in the fun of the Fat Cat Festival

Fat Cat Children’s Festival happens June 6 and 7 at Waterfront Park, Kelowna.

Volunteer Centre: Recipe for Success classes

Come and learn about nutrition, food budgeting and cooking at home and tricks to make your dollar go further.

Volunteer: Mentor newcomers to Canada

Kelowna Community Resource’s Immigrant Services is looking for volunteers for its new Employment and Settlement Mentorship programs.

National Volunteer Week: Recognizing volunteer impact

Many non-profit organizations in our community will host activities to recognize the difference that volunteers make in their organizations.

Volunteer: Easter is a great time to give back in your community

The inaugural Easter Seals Splash of Colour Family Fun Run offers an ideal opportunity to contribute.

Volunteers opportunities are available around the clock

There's no time off for our community's most needy.

Join Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs events team

Help raise funds and awareness in each of the communities the clubs serve.

Volunteer Centre: Opportunities are plentiful

New ways to volunteer come up all the time and can be accessed at kcr.ca.

Regional training workshops and community conversations

Provincial organizations are coming to offer regional training and to engage us in community conversations.

Volunteer: What type of change-maker are you?

Take the quiz to find out which type of change-maker you are.

Volunteer: Be a friend or help in a crisis

Family Friend Program matches volunteers to single parents; Crisis Line volunteers get training in communications and crisis intervention.

Volunteer: Find your volunteering purpose

A bank of computers awaits you at the Okanagan Volunteer Opportunities Fair Consultation Café.

Volunteer: Stories from volunteer front lines

People in our community get it. Many are committed to making our corner of the world a better place.

Volunteer: Ideas about where to volunteer this fall

Local activities are made possible because people just like you believe in a cause and give their time to make it happen.

Volunteer: Families and skilled volunteers wanted

Why not volunteer as a family to get out together and help others.

Wilkinson: Volunteer opportunities abound

This email reminded me how fortunate we are in the Central Okanagan to have this volunteering e-match system.

Volunteer: Change through partnerships

The United Way establishes trusted partnerships with people who want to ensure that everyone has a good place to call home.

Volunteer: Scrapbook, spin, train or serve

There are many volunteer options for you to consider giving your time.