David Zirnhelt

COLUMNS: Ranching and Easter go hand in hand

There are many serious topics to write about concerning life on a ranch.

COLUMNS: This isn’t a dead horse I am flogging; at least not yet

What I am writing about this week is the same subject as last week.

COLUMN: Ranch succession workshop well worth attending

Ranching industry is having difficulty attracting and retaining the next generation on our places in a gainful (living wage) manner.

COLUMNS: The view from the beach; not a busman’s holiday

Much has been said about work-life balance. Mostly it goes like this: “work smarter not harder.”

COLUMNS: The past, the future and the passing of a cowboy, Wilfred Anderson

A couple of weeks back Wilfred (Moore) Anderson passed on to the free and fair range in the sky.

COLUMNS: Top 10 reasons to support Canada’s Agriculture Day

Just in case you didn’t pick up on it, yesterday, Feb 16 was Canada Agriculture Day.

COLUMNS: This idea might get some rancher’s goat: multispecies grazing

The origins of the phrase “getting someone’s goat” is uncertain.

COLUMNS: Bright eyed and bushy tailed heading to class

Here we are, January 2017 and the second class of students are starting out in the Applied Sustainable Ranching(ASUR) program at TRU.

Good soil, bad soil in ranching production and technology

This is technical sounding title. But stick with me for the story.

COLUMNS: The state of cattle ranching in the province

I thought I should start off the year with a bit of an assessment of where the cattle industry is at here in our part of B.C.

COLUMNS: Wild horses in the Chilcotin, or are they just feral?

One of dad’s 150 Mile Store employees was the wife of one of the wild horse hunters Dan Weir hired to “rid” the Chilcotin of its surplus.

COLUMNS: Chris Harris – famous artist, one of the best story tellers

One of the most significant events in the human cultural world here in the Cariboo Chilcotin was the release of Chris Harris’ 13th book.

COLUMNS: Sign up now for TRU, and tell everyone

This is a busy season. I hope you are looking to the New Year as part of your busy-ness.

COLUMNS: Ranch and farmland ownership: does it matter?

I just returned from the Annual National Farmers Union (NFU) national convention where I was a panelist.

COLUMNS: Science and ranching go hand in hand

I took advantage of holidaying in Arizona to visit a rancher-led group which was tackling some thorny conservation issues.

COLUMNS: Producer-led research and extending the new and old knowledge

In a previous article I mentioned the possibility of farming and ranching stakeholders being involved in collaboration.

COLUMNS: War and farming on Remembrance Day here in B.C.

I am aware of this day, Remembrance Day. And I am reflecting on agriculture and the last official World War.

COLUMNS: Do you have a beef with the local cattle industry?

I was talking to a restaurant owner the other day and he was wondering when our local cattle industry would be able to supply food outlets.

COLUMNS: Young ranchers, listen up: advice from your elders

Advice from elders may or may not be appreciated by the younger generations.

Til the cows come home: the more, the better

Cows remember where they were fed for the winter before. Most of them are home or will soon be home from the range.

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