Dave Thompson

The Trail Smoke Eaters are seeking billet families for the 2016-17 season.

Book an early spot on Smokies bandwagon

Dave Thompson, Trail Times columnist, talks Trail Smoke Eaters' season opener, reminds readers next game Saturday against Merritt.

The Trail Smoke Eaters are seeking billet families for the 2016-17 season.

Sports ‘n’ Things: A Happy Birthday to Mr. Field

"He pitched in wherever and whenever he could, even coaching Babe Ruth baseball when adults were needed there."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Canada bids adieu to Lord Stanley

"The symbol of Canadian Hockey supremacy will for the 23rd year in a row, not be residing in Canada."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Hockey concerns over ‘development’

"Good thing it looks like the Nitehawks will be moving along the KIJHL playoff path for a while."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Smokies Playoff push falters but puts fans in seats

"This is the way the season ends, not with a whimper but a bang - at least in some aspects."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Smoke Eaters make final playoff push

"Nobody thought the Smoke Eaters would even still be in contention for a playoff spot with a game to play."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Smokies playoff hopes fading

"Sad to say there is virtually no chance the Smokies will pick up that long sought playoff berth this season."

Sports ‘n’ Things: A fond farewell to Leo Soligo

"Leo lived a life of accomplishment, and not just on the personal side."

Sports ‘n’ Things – Playoff drought in the forecast

"Not a single Canadian NHL team seems inclined to push its way into the post season picture."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Smokies push for playoffs

"There is good reason for hope for Trail fans."

Sports ‘n’ Things – Smoke Eaters: crucial game on horizon

"...there were hours of entertainment available to anyone who showed up at any time during the weekend."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Smoke Eaters happy to be home

"The Smokies just beat Wenatchee, so we assume they have a chance to compete in that game."

Sports ‘n’ Things- Border Bruins, hard to believe

"Some hard to believe things have been going on in local hockey."

Sports ‘n’ Things- Sports: a world apart from world issues

"Anyone who believes 9/11 did not change the world for the worse just has refused to pay attention."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Smokies effort impresses first-time fans

"First, thanks Trail. More than decent Sunday afternoon crowd in support of the Smokies."

Sports 'n' Things

Baseball’s biggest show hits new low

"I believe it is not a coincidence that Trail dominated both baseball and hockey in this province for decades."

Sports 'n' Things

Sports ‘n’ Things: Shooting required on Smokies power-play chances

"...it was really important that the Smokies get a win, and they did."

‘It gets late early out there’

"Once more into the breach this weekend for the Smoke Eaters, who actually have three home barn outings in the next five days."

Sports ‘n’ Things: Time to get serious

"It may not be time to panic quite yet, but it is already perilously close to that for the Smoke Eaters."

More than a baseball icon

Yogi Berra's influence stretched much farther than just baseball.