Dan Spinner

Spinner: Transportation leadership and the West Shore

Anyone who lives on the West Shore knows that, for many, transportation is the No. 1 issue we all need to collaborate on

West Shore leads the way in economic growth

Statistics Canada recently released the first of the 2011 census population data

A new voice for community with West Shore TV

On Feb. 1 2012, the West Shore Chamber of Commerce will launch a new monthly, magazine-style television show called WestShore Unlimited.

Optimism and resolutions for the West Shore

The new year is here and it is full of promise for the West Shore

Strong municipal leaders crucial for community

Being an elected official is hard and sometime frustrating work — especially at the municipal level. And our thanks goes out to all of them.

School board trustees are crucial community leaders

I had the pleasure of attending a School District 62 board meeting the other night.

Jack Layton, cancer and community leadership

Jack Layton should inspire us all not because of his political beliefs but because of his openness and transparency around his prostate cancer. May he rest in peace.

The road to November’s municipal elections

Municipal election season is upon us — and the next round of local government elections takes place this November and folks are understandably jockeying for position and media coverage as we speak.

West Shore needs equal say on regional planning

With many young families and enlightened municipal leadership, the future is bright for the West Shore.

Time for political leadership on the West Shore to stand up

With the federal election in the works, municipal election maneuvering already beginning…