Crystal Leonard

Don’t let your fruit fall to the ground

Wildlife Sightings in and around our communities:
A black bear was seen on the Sinclair Creek trail in Radium Hot Springs.

Bear Aware: We’re getting better.

I would like to applaud residents and business owners who have been properly securing garbage and picking their fruit trees.

Bear Aware: Habituated bears

It has been a very busy September with a high number of bear sightings and many bear related incidences.

Bear Aware: Taking responsibility

Since late August bears have been spotted in and around Invermere and Radium.

Bear Aware: The birds and the bears

There haven’t been as many bear sightings reported this summer.

Bear Aware: Curbside garbage collection

Last week there were 26 garbage bins left out the night before garbage collection in Invermere.

Bear Aware: Shocking solutions to deter foraging bears

With the local food movement taking off, we are starting to see an influx of urban chickens, gardens and fruit trees.

Bear Aware: Back to basics

Now beginning its second year in Invermere and Radium, Bear Aware is hoping to repeat last year’s accomplishments.