Claire Trevena

MLS REPORT: Politically-packed 2016

It is hard to believe that the year is drawing to a…

Giving away our resource

Columnist and MLA Claire Trevena on the current LNG debate

People need access to forestry

North Island MLA Claire Trevena shares thoughts on local forestry issues

Tempers Flare at Legislature

Columnist Claire Trevena reports on the week at the Legislature

Lawrence Woodall's cartoon on the Conservative Budget

Question Period Surreal

Columnist Claire Travena discusses the past week at the Legislature in Victoria

Lawrence Woodall's cartoon on the Conservative Budget

Land Sold Below Appraised Value

Claire Travena discusses the recent sale of publicly owned BC lands

MLA Claire Trevena looks back on 2014

MLA REPORT: There have been good moments for our communities over the last year

First year of ferry closure shows negative impact

It is just one year since the government announced brutal cuts to the ferry system...

MLA report

MLA Claire Trevena dicsusses Ferries, Furney and Neucel

Education and ferries top MLA’s agenda

MLA Claire Trevena highlights concerns over education funding and transportation.

Government plays politics with education

MLA REPORT: Teachers were willing to fight for people in the education professions and for the future of public education

Local issues raised during Question Period

Ferries, forestry and wolves on the agenda in the MLA report.

I will make the most of this limited spring session

MLA REPORT: I often write about my anger at the manipulation of our democracy because of the lack of legislative sitting days

Healthcare and conservation on MLA’s agenda

Claire Trevena looks at healthcare and conservation issues in her MLA Update.

Quake, salmon and VIHA on MLA’s fall agenda

MLA Claire Trevena's report explains what the representative is currently tackling.

North Island MLA, Claire Trevena backs Horgan in NDP leadership race

MLA ReportIt has been eight months since we sat in the legislature.…