Christy Clark

Premier Christy Clark speaking at the Union of B.C. Municipalities conference last week.

Clark: Premier pushes job creation initiatives

Christy Clark access to training will provide the skills needed for British Columbians to be first in line for future jobs.

Premier Christy Clark speaking at the Union of B.C. Municipalities conference last week.
Christy Clark

Clark: Training will have British Columbians first in line for jobs

Okanagan College’s new and expanded trades complex will launch thousands of bright futures.

Christy Clark

Clark: Better public transit for Kelowna

British Columbia is making major investments now—not merely to keep pace, but to be prepared for continued growth.

Clark: Still work to do breaking through the glass ceiling

When I’m meeting with male dignitaries, they will sometimes look across the table at the men who work for me, as if they’re in charge.

Clark: B.C. priorities for the incoming Trudeau government

I’ve already reached out to Trudeau about our most urgent priority: A new agreement with the United States on softwood lumber.

Clark: Wildfires show people at their best—and their worst

Every human-caused wildfire is preventable. Each one unnecessarily ties up crews and resources that could be deployed elsewhere.

Clark: 2015 could be a decisive year

B.C.'s growing visibility and unbeatable quality of life will bring newcomers to our doorstep.

Clark: Building tomorrow’s economy, today

Hard work and innovation drive B.C.'s economy. New Okanagan Centre for Innovation in Kelowna will help it along.

Clark: We’re better off with First Nation partnerships

With First Nation communities at the table in an atmosphere of recognition and respect, we will all be even better off.

Clark: Kelowna’s reputation expanding beyond the growing season

Kelowna is making a name for itself as a centre for high-tech entrepreneurship.

Clark: Summer doesn’t ease government’s workload

Just like any growing community, transportation is a key issue on the Westside.

Clark: Province takes ‘two big steps’ toward LNG leadership

Government, industry, First Nations and labour share the same goal of creating more opportunity for British Columbians.

Clark: Supporting small business a key to economic growth

B.C. is positively teeming with small business. It represents 98 per cent of all business.

Clark: Take a stand against bullying

B.C.'s premier says public attitude towards bullying has to change, to take stronger stand against allowing it to happen.

Clark: Throne Speech outlines plan for a secure tomorrow

But perhaps more importantly, the Throne Speech has our plan to continue growing a strong economy and create a secure tomorrow.