Cheryl Witter

Spine & Sport: When it’s time for new parts

Physiotherapist Cheryl Witter says joint replacement doesn't mean an end to a life filled with physical activity

Spine & Sport: Staying safe on the slopes

Physiotherapist Virginie Pichard-Jolicoeur offers five tips for avoiding injury this ski season

Spine & Sport: The pickleball phenomenon

Physiotherapist Cheryl Witter looks at the popular sport and offers tips and strategies for avoiding injury

Spine & Sport: Snowshoeing is fun fitness

Physiotherapist Cheryl Witter said snowshoeing is a great way to stay in shape, and with minimal injuries

Suffering from ‘boomeritis’

Physical therapist Cheryl Witter says baby boomers can still be athletic, sporty and active, but just with a few extra precautions

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