Bruce Shepherd

Bruce Shepherd is a financial advisor with Edward Jones in Vernon.

GUEST COLUMN: Protect your finances

A Vernon financial advisor provides some advice on identity theft

Bruce Shepherd is a financial advisor with Edward Jones in Vernon.

Prevent identity theft

Identity theft is a big problem. How big? Consider this....

GUEST COLUMN What can golf teach you?

Some of the lessons you learn on the links can carry over to other areas of your life

GUEST COLUMN: What to look for

You may have to interview several prospective financial advisors before deciding on one

GUEST COLUMN: Are you prepared?

Your financial strategy needs to protect the assets and lifestyle

GUEST COLUMN: Estate planning critical

Everyone’s needs are different, but here are a few suggestions that may be applicable

GUEST COLUMN: Investigating options

Quite often people say they would like to donate more to their favourite charity but feel financially unable to do so

GUEST COLUMN: Prepare for retirement

It’s time to make a contribution toward your retirement and other savings goals. Which savings vehicle is the best option?

GUEST COLUMN: Saving for a lifetime

Financial strategies to help you save as you advance through life.

GUEST COLUMN: The cycle of emotional investing

Bruce Shepherd provides some advices to people wanting to invest

GUEST COLUMN: What’s the difference

While an RRSP and TFSA both allow you to save money and reduce taxes now or in the future, each has unique features

Efficient investing

Tips for increasing the efficiency of your investment strategy.

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