Bruce Mitchell

Mitchell: Santana collaborates for latest album

If you get the Deluxe Edition of Michael Jackson's Xscape, you get both MJ’s demo workups as well as the producer's Xscape pop versions.

Mitchell: Kongos star is rising

Ray LaMontagne is in his early 40 and has no problem wearing his influences on his sleeve.

Mitchell: Not even hotsy-totsy Shakira can topple Frozen

Unspectacular sophomore album where Foster The People are well on their way to becoming one hit wonders.

Johnny Cash: Out Among the Stars

Mitchell: Reminder of how great Cash was

There isn’t a dud on this strong album where Cash even shows a bit of humour on a few tracks.

Johnny Cash: Out Among the Stars

Mitchell: Long time between Sara Evans albums

Evans was distracted by a nasty divorce from her husband followed by a highly public lawsuit from her ex-maid.

Mitchell: Pharrell keeps it light and airy with G I R L

New Zealander Neil Finn has a sizeable solo career with Dizzy Heights being album number six.

Mitchell: Broken Bells’ 2nd outing better

To my ears After the Disco is a far stronger release than the first effort.

Mitchell: A Great Big World demonstrate their songwriting chops

I Really Want It should top the adult alternative charts with its major hooks.

Mitchell: Springsteen uncovered

High Hopes comes with a bonus DVD of the Born In The USA album recorded in proper sequence—simply galvanizing.

Mitchell: Fans still wait for Dido

The real gold mine for big fans is the Deluxe Edition two-CD set that has 13 remixes.

Mitchell: Some Christmas gems this year

Nick Lowe does a swinging hipster take of Ron Sexsmith’s Hooves On The Roof.

Mitchell: A few albums ‘for fans only’

Dion offers some interesting tracks that change the channel.

Mitchell: Spotlight grabber

Surprisingly, there is a lot of spare productions here where Cyrus and crew tend toward understatement musically.

Mitchell: Kings of Leon back in form on Mechanical Bull

Every track on this new release is a winner even though nothing is as immediately likable as the group’s 2008 album, Only By Night.

Mitchell: Anthology tells story of Sly & Family Stone

Higher! is a four-disc collection that tells the story of this seminal and stellar American soul/rock/pop/funk multifaceted outfit.

Mitchell: Mayer still has musical chops

There are 11 tracks on Paradise Valley and every song has something to recommend it.

Mitchell: Latest boy band on its way to stadium star status

Emblem3 fans will want to know that this album also comes as a Deluxe Edition with four extra songs.

Mitchell: Civil war broke out between duo

Massive volcanic ash plume on cover represents the falling apart of The Civil Wars with internal strife.

Mitchell: Guys guitar ‘fleet and incendiary’

Guy is in superb voice while his guitar work remains as fleet and incendiary as ever.

Mitchell: Bareilles, Robinson sisters for quiet late night listening

This third album aims to show that Bareilles isn’t just a one-hit wonder but I don’t think that will be the case.