Beverley Edwards-Haines

Edwards-Haines: Heart attacks change outlook on life

A heart attack is never on anyone's list of things to do that day.

Edwards-Haines: Turn your unhealthy lifestyle around

All the things that make up a well-balanced way of living are in CHIP—Complete Health Improvement Program.

Edward-Haines: Finding balance in what we eat

T stands for temperance as we must take all good things in moderation.

Edwards-Haines: Drink lots of water

Adam’s ale, H2O, whatever you want to call it, are you drinking six to 10 cups daily of this clear, absolutely necessary liquid?

Edwards-Haines: Preparing for the flu season

If you’ve been conscientious about helping your immune system be as healthy as possible … then you're ready to combat the flu.

Edwards-Haines: Relationship of cancer and plant-based diet

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; also Vegetarian Awareness Month.

Edwards-Haines: Benefits of eating raw food

I’m in training to be a raw food chef, or as some prefer to call it, a living food chef.

Edwards-Haines: Cherries offer health benefits

Salsa anyone? We were having a light supper with salsa, and thought we’d kick the salsa up a notch by adding chopped cherries.