Arthur Black

No news is good news

I have a friend who’s decided to unplug herself. No, not suicide. She is disconnecting from her television, radio and the Internet.

Oh, the woodchopper’s bawl

As a pastime it is physically exhausting, mind-numbingly repetitive, potentially limb-threatening and eco-ethically tainted.

Embear-assing Canadian behaviour

Arthur Black takes the side of the cartoon nudists in the battle in the woods

We are dancing animals

“Travellers checking into local hotels may be doing so without so much as a ‘hello’ to a human being next year, according to hoteliers.”

How to look good in your skinny jeans

Sales are down, but there doesn’t seem to be much risk for the future of jeans

What Isis in a name?

The toxic ripples from a cowardly gaggle of marauding jackals

Sometimes justice is not blind, just near sighted

Obi Canuel wears a colander and he’s vexed that the ICBC won’t let him pose for his driver’s licence photograph while so adorned.

What makes a good hero?

In light of the Franklin Expedition, Sir Thomas Pert could be Canada’s unsung hero

Wandering: there isn’t an app for that

I don’t know how this age we’re living through will ultimately be designated — I would nominate The Age of Insulation.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, 'the Hollywood figure who’s famous for... well, nothing, actually.'

Fame: The New ‘F’-Word

Of all the creepy things I know about Kim Kardashian (and they are legion) the creepiest is that she has fans.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, 'the Hollywood figure who’s famous for... well, nothing, actually.'

Some things you auto know

Long story short: the Danes loved Canadians. Hated the Canadian car culture.

Fighting the decline in golfing — with yoga, and hovercrafts!

I said it and I’m glad I said it. I do not golf, have never golfed, and, barring a brain transplant, never will.

Hear that lonesome whistle blow

Arthur Black reminisces about train trips, good, bad and cramped

Gun control and gay marriage differ neighbours

Arthur Black’s take on the differences between Canadians and our American counterparts

Guess who is ahead of their time

Got the time? Arthur Black watches the history of time keepers

Closest shave ever

In the beginning there was the straight razor. A single blade of finely honed steel.

Pee-ing their way to jail and fines

It’s hardly news that, every once in a while, substantial segments of the human race go bat-poop crazy.

It’s Gouda to meet you Cthulthu All-Spark…

What is the proper response to someone who comes up, extends a hand in greeting and says, “Pleased to meet you. My name is Cheese.”

Words fail them

Columnist Arthur Black laments the lost art of the great political oratory of decades past

Voyage to infinity

Spacecraft mirrors the struggles of Canada's early pioneers